Viola obtusa : {Japanese Name : Nioi Tatitubo Sumire}
Viola obtusa
Chiba / April 26, 2011
Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
Saitama / April 18, 2016
Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
Ibaraki / April 11, 2024
Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
March 31, 2002 ( Chiba ) April 26, 2011
Section Trigonocarpae Gordon
Scientific Name Type species Viola obtusa (Makino) Makino Nioi Tatitubo Sumire [B. M. T. 26: 151 (1912)]
Variety V. obtusa var. lucida Hama Nioi Tatitubo Sumire
V. obtusa f. hemileuca Sugimoto Otome Nioi Tatitubo Sumire
V. obtusa f. chibai (Makino) Hiyama et F.Maek. Sirobana Nioi Tatitubo Sumire
V. obtusa f. nuda (Ohwi) F.Maek. Teriha Nioi Tatitubo Sumire
Synonym Viola ovato-oblonga (Miq.) Makino var. obtusa Makino [B. M. T. 21: 59 (1907)]
Origin obtusa : roundish
Common names [Taiwanese ] 翠峰菫菜
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Habitat It grows wild under the wood which is bright and dried.
Distribution Japan domestic It grows naturally in the Japanese whole country from South Hokkaido to Yakushima.
Japan overseas Korean Peninsula, Northeastern China, and Taiwan.
Flower Shape Middle size. Round and organized. The individual petals are also round. The side valve is hairless.
Color The whole flower is purplish red from dark purple, and the central part is white, purple-striate on low petal.
Spur Thick cylindrical shape.
Season Bloom a little early.
Stigma Rod-shaped.
Aromatic Has a sweet fragrance.
Others White fine hairs are dense on the flower stem.
Leaf Shape Middle size. Egg shape. It changes into a long and narrow triangle in summer.
Color Both sides are deep green.
Seed Shape Rounded.
Color Dark brown.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information Yamagata:EndangeredⅡ, Tokyo:EndangeredⅠ
Type Specimen
V. obtusa f. chibai : Rikutyu : Mukaiyama near Ichinoseki、may 2, 1909 by Yoshio Chiba
V. obtusa f. nuda : Nasu vil., Totigi Pref. (Kyoto University Collection)
Chromosome Number 2n=20
Reference Information

( Sample )
V. obtusa f. hemileuca

V. obtusa f. hemileuca

White flower with pink spur

Iwate / May 2, 2002

V. obtusa f. chibai

V. obtusa f. chibai

Pure-white flower

Tokyo / April 3, 2006 Cultivation

V. obtusa f. nuda

V. obtusa f. nuda

Gloss and hairless

Kanagawa / March 21, 2007 Cultivation

Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
Nagano / May 3, 1999

Viola obtusa f. hemileuca Viola obtusa
Iwate / May 2, 2002

Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
A whitish and lovely flower that is shadeing off the purplish red color in surroundings.
It seems not to have been a non-successive change flower.
May 4, 2005 ( Shizuoka ) April 30, 2008

Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
It had extremely few white parts and was a flower of dark violet. The spur is whitish.
Kanagawa / April 24, 2011

Viola obtusa Viola obtusa
The stipules are thin and deeply lobed. The tip of the leaf is pointed like squeezing, but this is exceptional.
Saitama / April 18, 2016

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