Viola ocellata : {Japanese Name : -none-}
Viola ocellata
Portola Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz Mountains, San Mateo County, California., 2011/06/01
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Section Chamaemelanium Becker
Scientific Name Viola ocellata Torr. & A. Gray, 1838
Common Name [English] pinto violet, two-eyed violet, western heart's ease.
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Habitat Cool shaded woodland, well-drained serpentine soil, especially on slopes along rivers and streams. Elevation 150 - 1,100m.
Distribution Endemic to north and central western California, southern Oregon.
Flower Shape Middle size.
Flower figure is flat with a white hair on the side valve. Petals are round.
Color White, center is yellow. Purple-brown blotch-like eyespot on the side valve, and the same color streak goes in the lower valve. Yellow hair is seen in the side valve. There are also groups in which the upper petal is light brown.
misc. The backside of the upper petal is purple. In the bud season, it looks like a purple flower.
Leaf Shape Stem leaves are elongated lanceolate forms. Root raw leaves are rounded. Unevenness is seen along the veins.
Color Both surfaces are dark green.
Chromosome Number 2n=12
Others "Ocellata" means "marked with two-colored spots or eyes".

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