Viola labradorica : {Japanese Name : Kuroha Sumire, Doha Sumire, etc.}
Viola labradorica
Chiba / April 20, 2009 Cultivation
Viola labradorica Viola labradorica
Viola labradorica Viola labradorica
Section Trigonocarpae Gordon
Scientific Name Type species Viola riviniana Reichb. Pl. Crit. 1: 81. (1823)
Viola labradorica Schrank 'Purpurea'
Viola labradorica var. Purpurea

Many others
Origin labradorica : Area name
Common names 【English】Common Dog-violet, Wood violet, Alpine Violet, Labrador Violet
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Habitat It grows wild in a moderately shady woodland and grassland.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas Distributed over Europe, North Africa, North America, Canada, Greenland.
Flower Shape Middle size. The base of the side valve is hairy (white hair).
Color Violet blue. A purple article is in the labial palp.
Spur Short and thick.
Season Early blooming.
Aromatic No fragrance.
Others Sometimes treated as a herb. Horticulturally, it is also treated as a ground cover plant.
Leaf Shape Heart-shaped.
Color Basically both surfaces are dark purplish-green. It becomes the darker color in winter.
Others Short and white hair grows thick in the whole.
Seed Shape Medium size. Tearing drop (bulging oval).
Color Brown to ocher.
Others Strong against cold, and as a result, it has a strong fertility.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Chromosome Number 2n=20
Reference Information
Others It is said to be a group close to Viola sacchalinensis.
Viola riviniana
Viola riviniana

left : Issued in Republic of Ireland 2004

right : Issued in Republic of Estonia 2004

Viola labradorica Viola labradorica
Viola labradorica
Chiba / April 17, 2008 Cultivation

Viola labradorica Viola labradorica

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