Viola tokubuchiana x V. yezoensis : {Japanese Name : Fuiri Ogura Sumire}
Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis
Rediscovered that also shooting with a film camera! Digitized it because image quality is a little better.
Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis
Totigi / April 22, 2001 (* Photos taken with early digital camera)
Mating parents
Viola tokubuchiana
Viola tokubuchiana Makino ( 2n=24 )
Viola yezoensis f. discolor
Viola yezoensis Maxim.
f. discolor (Nakai) Hiyama ex F.Maek. ( 2n=24 )
Scientific Name
Viola x sp.
Viola tokubuchiana Makino x V. yezoensis Maxim. : {Fuiri Ogura Sumire} in: Wild Violets Jap. Col.: 255, t. 106; 3-12 (1975)
Viola tokubuchiana Makino f. concolor E.Hama x V. yezoensis Maxim. : {Ogura Sumire} in: Wild Violets Jap. Col.: 255, t. 106; 1 & 2 (1975)
Common names
Stalk Form Hybrids between stemless species.
Habitat The mountainous district of the partial shade.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle size. The side valve is hairy.
Color The white flower similar to Viola yezoensis, or light red flower.
Spur Thick cylindrical type.
Season Late April.
Stigma Inverted triangle.
Leaf Shape Egg shape. Unevenness along the leaf vein is outstanding, and there is slight hair on the both sides.
Color Basically both sides are deep green.
When Viola tokubuchiana is a parent, the white spots which met the venation come out distinctly, and after a flower does not disappear.
When Viola yezoensis f. discolor a parent, it is assumed that both sides become deep brown.
Characteristics of roots Although the details are unknown, there is information that it will be a distinguishing point from parents.
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number
Reference Information
Others It becomes a closing flower (cleistogamic flower) in many cases. There is some information that indicates "incomplete fertility".
Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis
Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis
Tokyo / March 31, 2014 Cultivation
 "Viola tokubuchiana x V. yezoensis" and "Viola yezoensis f. sordida" were on display at theexhibition of violet. I decided to go in order to look!

Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis
Viola yezoensis f.sordida Viola tokubuchiana x yezoensis
left: "Viola yezoensis f. sordida", right: "Viola tokubuchiana x V. yezoensis".

Differences are observed in the sawtooth and the shape of the whole leaf...!
And each flowers tips of right photo are just recessed.
Tokyo / March 31, 2014 Cultivation

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