Viola faurieana x rostrata : {Japanese Name : Teriha Nagahasi Sumire}
Viola faurieana x rostrata
Viola faurieana x rostrata Viola faurieana x rostrata
Tokyo / March 27, 2008 Cultivation
Mating parents Viola faurieana Viola rostrata
Scientific Name
Viola x sp.
Viola faurieana x rostrata
Foreign language name
Stalk Form
Habitat Parents grow in snow country. It is natural hybrid in the Sea of Japan side rarely seen.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle size. It may have characteristics close to the Nagahashisumire. In addition, it may have combines the characteristics of the parents.
Color Flowers are pale purple. Purple lines appear on the valve and labellum.
Season The beginning of May in flowering season. This is the middle of both mother class.
Leaf Shape Egg-shaped or heart-shaped center of circle close to the triangle.
In flowering season, there is a gloss that came from Viola rostrata.
Color Both surfaces are dark green.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number
Reference Information
Others Sterility. Increase in the roots and rhizomes.

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