Viola sieboldi : {Japanese Name : Fumoto Sumire}
Viola sieboldi
Iwate / May 5, 2006

Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi
  • Tokushima / May 6, 2009
  • Ehime / May 9, 2009
Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi f. variegata

Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi
Tokyo / April 14, 2013

Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi
Gunma / April 26, 2013
Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi
Gunma / April 25, 2022

Viola sieboldi Viola sieboldi
Shizuoka / April 10, 2006
Section Patellares (Boissier) Nakai
Scientific Name Type species Viola sieboldi Maxim. : {Fumoto Sumire}
Published in: Bull. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Petersbourg 23:320; Melanges Biol. Bull. Phys.-Math. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Petersbourg 9:729. 1877 (Diagn. pl. nov. asiat.)
Variety Viola sieboldi var. litoralis Konta et Katsuyama : {Sonare-fumoto Sumire}
Viola sieboldi f. variegata (Nagasawa) F.Maek. et Hashimoto : {Fuiri-fumoto Sumire}
Viola sieboldi f. albiflora E.Hama : {Shirayuki-fumoto Sumire}
Viola pumilio W. Becker
Viola sieboldi : Name of person : P. F. von Siebold, 1796-1866
litoralis : of seashore
Common names
Stalk Form The individual leaves and flowering stalks emerge directly from the rootstock.
Habitat In the bottom of the wood of the mountainous district which tends to dry brightly from the level ground and the connection of the wood.
Distribution Japan domestic From Iwate prefecture to Kyushu (Yakushima Island).
It grows wild mainly in the mountainous district in West Japan, and from the seashore to the high mountain in East Japan.
Japan overseas South Korea
Flower Shape Small (a corolla is about 10mm across).
Color Pale reddish purple or white, purple-striate on low petal.
Spur Thick and round.
Season Late.
Stigma Inverted triangle.
Aromatic Slightly aromatic.
Others Petal slightly undulate, slight hair in the side petal (rarely glabrous).
The spur is thick and round. The flowering season is rather late.
Leaf Shape Blade ovate to widely ovate, or circular, 10 - 50mm long, 8 - 15mm wide.
Color Upper surfaces is pubescent or glabrous, the other is usually purplish.
Others In West Japan, leaf color is light, and green in summer.
In East Japan, leaf color is dark, and purple in summer.
Seed Shape Egged shape. Middle grain.
Color Seeds: brown.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information Iwate:Semi-endangered, Miyagi:ThreatenedⅡ, Yamagata:ThreatenedⅠ, Chiba:Semi-endangered, Kyoto:Semi-endangered, Yamaguchi:ThreatenedⅡ
Type Specimen
Viola sieboldi : Kujyu (Oita), Mt. Unzen (Nagasaki)
Viola sieboldi var. litoralis : Shimoda (Shizuoka) 2005/04/10 by Fumihiro Konta
Chromosomal Number 2n=24
(Yoshioka, H. & R. TANAKA. 1981. Chromosomes of Viola. Shin Kaki 112)
Reference Information
Others As for the leaf color and facula, there are many variation.

Viola sieboldi f. variegata Viola sieboldi f. variegata Viola sieboldi f. variegata
Viola sieboldi f. variegata Viola sieboldi f. variegata Viola sieboldi f. variegata
A lovely flower and a bud. Oh! It is .... strange. The flower has three spurs.
Gunma / April 22, 2001
Viola sieboldi f. variegata Viola sieboldi var. litoralis
Viola sieboldi
Nagano (Shiga Highland) / June 18, 2022 alt.=1,600m

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