Viola hirtipes : {Japanese Name : Sakura Sumire}
Viola hirtipes
Nagano / June 1, 2007 alt.=1,620m
Viola hirtipes Viola hirtipes
Nagano / June 1, 2007
Section Patellares (Boissier) Nakai
Scientific Name Type species Viola hirtipes S. Moore : {Sakura Sumire}
Viola hirtipes f. lactiflola Hashimoto, nom. nud. : (white flower)
Viola hirtipes f. rhodovenia (Nakai) Hiyama ex F. Maekawa : {Tishio Sumire}
Viola hirtipes f. glabra E. Hama : (hairless flower)
Viola hirtipes f. grisea (Nakai) Hiyama : {Watage Sumire}
(Classification not possible)
Viola hirtipes f. nudipes Hiyama : {Kentoku Sumire}
Foreign language name
Stalk Form The individual leaves and flowering stalks emerge directly from the rootstock.
Habitat Sunny and deciduous forest.
Distribution Japan domestic From Hokkaido to Kagoshima.
Japan overseas Korea, China and Russia.
Flower Shape Large size (2 - 3cm long x 2 - 3cm wide)
Color Purple-red. There is the change of the light and shade.
Leaf Shape 4 - 6cm long x 2 - 3cm wide.
Color Both sides of the leaf are bright green.
Seed Shape
Characteristics of roots White. They do not divide deeply, but spread like crawling sideways.
Endangered Information
Type Specimen China north part.
Chromosome Number 2n=24 (Nishikawa, T., 1985, Journal of Hokkaido University of Education : Section IIB)
Reference Information
Others It is changeful from what has many hair to hairless.

Viola hirtipes Viola hirtipes
Gunma / May 4, 2003
Viola hirtipes
A petal is very large. The tip of the petal is dented like cherry blossoms. It rarely grows in colonies.
Viola hirtipes Viola hirtipes
Nagano / June 2, 2001
Viola hirtipes Viola hirtipes
Nagano / June 8, 2003
Viola hirtipes
Nagano / June 20, 2010 alt.=1,800m

Viola hirtipes Viola hirtipes

Viola hirtipes
In general, this leaves stand up as nature. However, this example may be extreme !?
Gunma / April 27, 2013 alt.=820m

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