Viola kitamiana : {Japanese Name : Siretoko Sumire}
Viola kitamiana
It is said to be difficult to cultivate.
Tokyo / April 9, 2011 Cultivation

Viola kitamiana Viola kitamiana
Mr. Tebamaru provided photos. I would like to express my gratitude. m(_ _)m
Hokkaido Sep. 7, 2012 click
Section Kitamiana
Scientific Name Type species Viola kitamiana Nakai : {Siretoko Sumire} Published in: B. M. T. 42:564. (1928)
Viola bezdelevae V.N.Verosch. (2003 ?)(択捉島に自生する個体に命名された学名) Published in: Byulleten' Moskovskogo Obshchestva Ispytatelei Prirody. Otdel Biologicheskii 92(1): 134 (1987)
Viola crassa Makino var. kitamiana (Nakai) F.Maek. et Toyok. (1957)
Origin kitamiana : area name
Common names
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Habitat Growing wild in the volcanic high collapse ground and the volcanic high grit ground.
Distribution Japan domestic Hokkaido endemic species.
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Small or Middle size.
Color It is milky white and the central part is yellow. A purple meshes-of-a-net pattern is in a labiate petal.
Leaf Shape The kidney form which is thickly roundish. A tip sharpens and the base is cardiac type.
Color The surface is glossy green. The back is light green.
Seed Shape
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Viola kitamiana : Mt. Ioh in Shiretoko peninsula (Hokkaido) by A. Gubler on July 20, 1928 (Hokkaido Univ. : SAP)
Viola bezdelevae : Kuril Is.
Chromosome Number 2n=12
Reference Information
Viola kitamiana
Issued by Japan Post 2007/07/06.

Photo by H. Kihara.

Viola kitamiana Viola kitamiana
These photos were taken at the exhibition.
Yamanashi / Mar. 29, 2021 Cultivation

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