Viola rhizomata : {Japanese Name : Turu Tatitubo Sumire}
[Note] It may be confirmed as an independent species by recent research results.
Viola rhizomata Viola rhizomata
Tokyo / April 9, 2011 Cultivation
Section Trigonocarpae Gordon
Scientific Name Type species Viola rhizomata (Nakai) Ohwi : {Turu Tatitubo Sumire}
Viola grypoceras A. Gray var. rhizomata (Nakai) Ohwi
Viola faurieana W. Becker var. rhizomata (Nakai) F.Maek. et T.Hashim.
Origin rhizomata : rhizome
Common names
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
The stalk becomes a height of about 30-40cm in summer.
Habitat Bright forest edges where show a slight drying that the altitude is located slightly rather high.
Distribution Japan domestic Distributed in Japan Sea side over Cyubu, Chugoku and Hokuriku district.
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle size. It is rather thin than an authentic sample of the Viola grypoceras. The base of the side dialect is hairlessness.
Color Light purple.
Spur White. Cylindrical and thin. Tend to bend upwards.
Season May to early June.
Stigma Stick-shaped.
Others Not many flowers.
Leaf Shape Wide triangles. The base is truncated or shallow heart-shaped. The tip is slightly pointed.
Color The surface is myrtle green with the luster. The back side is green.
Others Hairless on both sides. The root fresh leaves that grew in the previous year have a rather hard leaf quality. The mulberry leaves are roughly shaped like comb teeth.
Seed Shape Medium size.
Color Seeds: brown, Seed pillow: shiny light brown white.
Others About 6 to 15 fruits will be produced per fruit.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information Akita:ThreatenedⅠ, Yamagata:ThreatenedⅠ, Niigata:Local population, Ishikawa:ThreatenedⅡ, Kyoto:ThreatenedⅠ, Hyogo:ThreatenedⅠ, Tottori:ThreatenedⅡ, Okayama:ThreatenedⅡ
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number 2n=20
Reference Information
Others It is regarded as the plant which fitted the snowiness zone. It lengthens a stem and makes new stock.

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