Viola palmata : {Japanese Name : Kuwagata Sumire}
Viola palmata
Chiba / April 20, 2009 Cultivation
Viola palmata Viola palmata
Chiba / May 4, 2011 Cultivation
Viola palmata
The leaf resembles a spear if a little longer.
It resembles the footprint of the bird.
Chiba / April 24, 2003 Cultivation

Viola palmata (White flower) Viola palmata (White flower)
Chiba / April 4, 2013 Cultivation
Section Pedatae Becker (unconfirmed) : In recent years, the view of being a hybrid has become mainstream.
Scientific Name Type species
Viola palmata Linnaeus (pro. sp.): {Kuwagata Sumire}Sp. Pl. 2: 933. (1753)
Viola x V. palmata = V. sagittata x V. sororia
Variety Viola palmata var. triloba
Synonym Viola affinis LeConte, var. chalcosperma (Brainerd) Griscom 1936
Viola angellae Pollard 1902
Viola atlantica Britton 1897
Viola baxteri House 1924
Viola brittoniana Pollard 1898
Viola chalcosperma Brainerd 1910
Viola congener LeConte 1828
Viola cucullata Aiton, var. palmata (Linnaeus) A. Gray 1856
Viola digitata Pursh 1814
Viola eamesii House 1924
Viola edulis Spach 1836
Viola emarginata (Nuttall) LeConte 1898
Viola esculenta Elliott ex Greene 1898
Viola falcata Greene 1899
Viola heterophylla Muhlenberg ex Leconte 1828
Viola insignis Pollard 1898
Viola lovelliana Brainerd 1910
Viola septemloba LeConte 1828
Viola stoneana House 1905
Viola subsinuata (Greene) Greene 1899
Viola pectinata E. P. Bicknell 1904
Viola pedatifida G. Don, var. brittoniana (Pollard) McKinney 1992
Viola triloba Schweinitz 1822
Viola variabilis Greene 1902
Viola viarum Pollard 1901
Viola vicinalis Greene 1899
Viola × festata House
Viola × porteriana Pollard
Common names 【English】Early Blue Violet, Crowfoot Violet, Lovell Violet, Palmate-leaf Violet, Three-lobed Violet (Viola triloba), Stone's Violet (Viola stoneana)、 Wood violet, Hand-leaf violet, Hood-leaf violet
Stalk Form The individual leaves and flowering stalks emerge directly from the rootstock.
Habitat It grows wild on the bright grassy plains.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas Distributed from the eastern part of North America to the middle western district.
Flower Shape Middle or large Size.
Color Violet. The white flower rarely circulates.
Others The flower blooms diagonally.
Leaf Shape Split in three, but is split in five in detail.
Color Both sides are deep green.
Others The form resembles a palm.
Seed Shape Medium grain. Egg oval shape.
Color Dark brown to ocher.
Others Viola palmata Viola palmata
Characteristics of roots Dark brown color close to white. Beard root.
Endangered Information
Type Specimen unknown location
Chromosome Number 2n=54
Reference Information
Viola palmata Issued in USA(Rhode Island State, 1982)
 State Flower : Viola palmata & State Bird : Rhode Island Red

Viola palmata Viola palmata
Chiba / April 17, 2004 Cultivation Chiba / April 30, 2012 Cultivation
Viola palmata (White flower)
Chiba / April 24, 2014 Cultivation
Viola palmata
Chiba / April 30, 2012 Cultivation

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