Viola portalesia : {Japanese Name : -none-}
Viola portalesia
Reserva Nacional Los Ruiles, Chile, 29 November 2007
By Jason Hollinger (Bush Violet)
[CC BY 2.0 (],
via Wikimedia Commons

Scientific Name Viola portalesia Gay
Synonyms Viola berteroniana Steud.
Common Name [Chilean Name] Violeta arbustiva
Stalk Form Bigger sized shrub-type violas.
Habitat Low altitude, interior valleys, Coastal mountains, 500 - 2,000m.
Distribution Central Chile.
Flower Shape Large size. Flower figure is flat with a white hair on the side valve.
Color Sky blue, center is white.
Leaf Shape The leaves are small and elongated lanceolate.
Color Both surfaces are dark green.
Chromosome Number
Reference Fl. Chil.[Flora Chilena] 1: 209 1846.
Others Height: 30 cm.

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