Viola saxatilis : {Japanese Name : -none-}
Viola saxatilis
Stubaier Alpen (Italy) June 20, 2006
Bernd Haynold (selbst fotografiert - own picture)
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Section Melanium Ging.
Scientific Name Viola saxatilis F.W. Schmidt, 1794
Synonyms Viola tricolor L. ssp. saxatilis (F.W.Schmidt) Arcang.
Common Name
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Habitat Sub-alpine rocks (1,000-2,000m).
Distribution Southern Europe (Alps, Pyrenees).
Flower Shape Middle size. Flower figure is same as a pansy of cultivars.
Color Yellow shade. Part of orange in the center. Short purple line is in the petals. And the group on a valve tinged with purple, some are white with partially yellow group.
misc. The flowering season is late (Late Spring to Early Summer).
Leaf Shape Long oval-shaped.
Color Both surfaces are dark green.
misc. Stipules leaves are conspicuous.
Chromosome Number 2n=26

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