Viola stojanowii : {Japanese Name : -none-}
Viola stojanowii
Viola stojanowii Viola stojanowii
Tokyo / April 2, 2005 Cultivation
Section Melanium Ging.
Scientific Name Viola stojanowii W. Becker
Habitat Alpines and bright rock gardens or subalpine grassland.
Distribution The southeastern part of Europe (Greece, Bulgaria).
Flower Size Middle size. There is hair in the base of the side dialect. Labial palp is flat.
Color Bright golden yellow. Reddish violet lines are in labial palp.
Leaf Size Middle size. It is small and narrow egg-shaped.
Color Both sides are dark green.
Chromosome Number 2n=26
Others Secular name is "Teeny Yellow Violet". Flowering summer to autumn. Flowers are fragrant.
This plant may be considered a protected species (Critically Endangered). Blooms May-July.

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