Viola variegata : {Japanese Name : Fuiri Genji Sumire}
Viola variegata
Tokyo / April 2, 2005 Cultivation
Viola variegata sp. (White flower) Viola variegata sp. (White flower)
Viola variegata sp. (White flower)
Tokyo / April 4, 2005 Cultivation White flower
Viola variegata Viola variegata
Chiba / January 19, 2013 Cultivation
Viola variegata var. nipponica f. viridis (Kitag.) Kitag. : {Midori Genji Sumire}
Section Patellares (Boissier) Nakai
Scientific Name Type species VViola variegataFischer ex Gingins : {Fuiri Genji Sumire}
Variety Viola variegata var. nipponica Makino : {Genji Sumire (Iyo Sumire)}
Origin variegata : Mottled, Variegated, nipponica : Japanese
Common names 【Chinease】班葉菫菜、斑叶菫菜、【Korean】알록제비꽃、【English】Cyclamen leaf Violet, Variegated leaf Violet
Stalk Form The individual leaves and flowering stalks emerge directly from the rootstock.
Habitat It grows wild in the forest which it is sunny and is dried. It is many on the slope where the fallen leaf piled up.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas Distributed in China and Korean Peninsula, not in Japan.
Flower Shape Medium (a corolla is about 15 - 20mm across).
Color Pale reddish purple, purple-striate on low petal. The color of the back is darker.
Spur 7 - 8mm long.
Leaf Shape Blade orbicular-cordate, 20 - 50mm long, 15 - 30mm wide.
Color Upper surface is deep green, the other is usually purplish.
Others White irregularity is on upper surface of leaf definitely.
Seed Shape
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosomal Number 2n=24
Reference Information
Others The leaves look like Cyclamen.
Viola variegata South Korea (1996), Wild Flower KRW150

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