Viola suavis : {Japanese Name : Paruma Sumire}
Viola suavis
Chiba / January 19, 2008 Cultivation
Viola suavis Viola suavis
Viola suavis Viola suavis
Viola suavis
Kanagawa / March 21, 2011 Cultivation
Viola suavis It is an aromaticness violet

having a very gentle sweet perfume.

They're sold at many gardening stores.


A flower is made to bloom also in winter.
Chiba / February 10, 2006 Cultivation
Section (unidentified)
Scientific Name Type species Viola sp. 'Parma' (Parma Violet)
 *Vernacular names : Many people are explaining that the official scientific name is not defined.
Viora suavis M. Bieb. :(unidentified)
Viola alba Besser : It quotes from an overseas site.
( Italian name : Viola bianca.)
Commerce name
'Parme de Toulouse' This circulates most.
'Conte di Brazza' white flower.
'Lady Hume Campbell' Soft pale blue or lavender flower.
'Lavender Girl' Soft pale blue or lavender flower.
'Purple King' Central part are lime greens.
Foreign language name
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas (Origin) Mediterranean region.
There is an opinion that it was discovered in Parma, Italy (in the 16th century).
And the other people claim that tkey originate in North Africa.
Flower Shape Middle size.
Color Double pedals. There are a lavender color group and a white group.
Others There is a long cultivation record, and there are some gardening species.
Leaf Shape Ovoid or kidney form.
Color Glossy light green.
Others White slight hair is seen in the surface.
Seed Shape Because a seed does not grow, it increases by the method of putting a stalk.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number 2n=40
Reference Information
Others It is grown as materials of a perfume.

In gardening shop, it is usually sold with a tag saying "double-flowered 'Viola odorata'". Of course, it is a different species. In fact (as shown in the picture), it is sold with a tag that clearly describes it as "Viola odorata". There is no sign of stopping. I asked the store clerk, but he explained, "I think the breeder is a professional and I think it may not be wrong." Viola suavis Chiba / February 10, 2011 Cultivation

Viola suavis
Viola suavis Viola suavis
Kanagawa / March 21, 2011 Cultivation

Viola suavis Viola suavis
Chiba / March 3, 2012 Cultivation

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