Viola x tokyoensis : {Japanese Name : Edo Sumire}
Viola x tokyoensis Viola x tokyoensis
Viola x tokyoensis Viola x tokyoensis
Kanagawa / March 19, 2010 Cultivation
Viola x tokyoensis
Kanagawa / March 20, 2009 Cultivation (Red flower)
Viola x tokyoensis Viola x tokyoensis
Kanagawa / March 21, 2011 Cultivation (Red flower)
Mating parents Viola mandshurica Viola eizanensis
  • Viola mandshurica W. Becker ( 2n=48 )
  • Viola eizanensis (Makino) Makino ( 2n=24 )
Scientific Name
Viola x tokyoensis F. Maek. et T. Hashim.
Viola mandshurica x eizanensis
Common names
Stalk Form
Habitat A sunny field of the level ground (parents grow wild in similar environment).
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle or large size. It is round and plump.
Color It becomes a deep color in many cases. However, it changes according to parents.
Leaf Shape The shape of a leaf of the chrysanthemum containing an irregular cut. The base is a shallow heart form. The tip of a leaf is sharp. A long triangle-shaped lancet arch.
Color Both sides are deep green.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosomal Number
Reference Information
Others Generally the seed does not grow.

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