Viola x chinoi : {Japanese Name : Suwa Kikuba Sumire}
Viola x chinoi
Viola x chinoi Viola x chinoi
Aich / April 5, 2008 Cultivation
Viola x chinoi
Mating parents
Viola chaerophylloides f. sieboldiana
Viola chaerophylloides (Regal) W. Becker
f. sieboldiana (Maxim.) F.Maek. et Hashimoto
( 2n=24 )
Viola yezoensis f. discolor
Viola yezoensis Maxim. ( 2n=24 )
Scientific Name Type species Viola x chinoi F.Maek. ex T.Hashim. : {Suwa Kikuba Sumire} in Index Violets Jap.: 12 (1967) & Violets Jap.: 166 (1967)
Form Viola x chinoi F.Maek. ex T.Hashim. f. sordida Hama : {Haguro Suwa Kikuba Sumire} in Violets Jap.: 166 (1967)
Origin chinoi : It is a name originating in a name of a person. cf.: Mr. M. Chino (Collector)
Common names
Stalk Form Hybrids between stemless species.
Habitat The damp place which becomes half-day shades.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle or large size.
Color Generally, the color of a flower is purplish red from thinner red. A petal has a clear purple line. It is rich in variation.
Spur Cylindrical.
Stigma Pointed shape.
Leaf Shape It is a lancet arch or an egg-shaped lancet arch. There is irregular jaggedness including the sharpness.
Color Generally green. As for "Variegation", deep blackish brown.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Reference Information
Mr. M. Chino found it in Karasawayama (Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture), and in 1922, Dr. G. Koidzumi announced it.
Generally the seed does not grow, but rarely grows. Seeds are laege black.

Viola x chinoi (Variegation) Viola x chinoi (Variegation)
Viola x chinoi (Variegation)
(Variegation) Tokyo / April 2, 2005 Cultivation

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