Viola tashiroi : {Japanese Name : Yaeyama Sumire}
Viola tashiroi Viola tashiroi
Okinawa / April 11, 2007 alt.=49m
Viola tashiroi Viola tashiroi
Viola tashiroi Viola tashiroi
Okinawa / April 11, 2007

Viola tashiroi
Viola tashiroi Viola tashiroi
Kanagawa / March 19, 2010 Cultivation
Section Patellares (Boissier) Nakai
Scientific Name Type species Viola tashiroi Makino : {Yaeyama Sumire}
Variety Viola tashiroi var. tairae Nakajima : {sigaki Sumire}
Viola tashiroi f. alboreticulata Nakajima : {Fuiri Yaeyama Sumire}
Viola tashiroi f. takushii Nakajima : {Iriomote Sumire}
Origin tashiroi : originating in a name of person (A. Tashiro 1857-1928).
Foreign language name
Stalk Form The individual leaves and flowering stalks emerge directly from the rootstock.
Habitat The upstream of a river (mountain stream). Rocks which require sprays, such as the basin of a waterfall. It grows on a rock or moss.
Distribution Japan domestic Distributed over Iriomote island and Ishigaki island in Okinawa.
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Small size (about 1-1.5cm). A labiate petal is small. A flower pattern is long. There is hair in the side valve base.
Color White flower. A purple article is in the labial palp.
Others Viola tashiroi White short hair at the base of the side valve.
Leaf Shape The leaf is carrying out the very small lozenge. A saw blade draws a loose curve.
Color Generally the surface is deep green. The back is somewhat whitish green.
Seed Shape
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen Iriomote island in Okinawa, 1970.4.21 by C. Nackejima
Chromosome Number 2n=22 (Yoshioka, H. & R. TANAKA, 1981, Chromosomes of Viola. Shin Kaki)
Reference Information
Others Viola tashiroi : A scientific name originates in a name of a person (Mr. Y. Tashiro).

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