Viola bissetii x rossi : {Japanese Name : Nagabano Akebono Sumire}
Viola bissetii x rossi
Yamanasi / May 4, 2005
Viola bissetii x rossi Viola bissetii x rossi
Yamanasi / April 30, 2004
Viola bissetii x rossi
Tokyo / April 15, 2001
Mating parents Viola rossi Viola bissetii
Scientific Name
Viola x sp.
Viola bissetii x rossi
(synonym) : Viola rossi f. longifolia
Foreign language name
Stalk Form
Habitat It can be assumed to be forest and forest edge rather dry bright.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Large size.
Color Big round pink flowers. Soft large-flowered violet similar to Viola rossi.
Leaf Shape Egg-shaped lanceolate or oblong lanceolate.
Color Elongated dark green leaves similar to Viola bissetii.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number
Reference Information
Others Is said to be a long life. Seedlings to grow from rhizomes and stolons out, long, white roots.

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