Viola x kurokawae : {Japanese Name : Tanao Sumire}
Viola x kurokawae
Viola x kurokawae Viola x kurokawae
Tokyo / March 27, 2008 Cultivation
Mating parents Viola sieboldi Viola chaerophylloides var. sieboldiana
Scientific Name
Viola x kurokawae H. Hara ex F. Maekawa et T. Hashimoto, nom. nud. : {Tanao Sumire}
Viola sieboldi x chaerophylloides var. sieboldiana : {Fuiri Tanao Sumire}
Foreign language name
Stalk Form
Habitat Under deciduous forests of the mountains.
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Small or middle size.
Color White flowers similar to impression of Viola sieboldi. Purple lines appear on the valve and labellum.
Leaf Shape Whole shape is eggs (or oval) lanceolate. Basically, a chrysanthemum leaf.
There are two types. Types have chrysanthemum leaf-like or irregular serrations.
Color Surface is dark green, purplish brown take on the back.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number
Reference Information
Others Sterility. Increase in roots and rhizomes. Name is derived from place names collected.

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