Viola x inouei : {Japanese Name : Usuge Sumire}
Mating parents Viola ovato-oblonga Viola obtusa
  • Viola ovato-oblonga (Miq.) Makino ( 2n=20 )
  • Viola obtusa (Makino) Makino ( 2n=20 )
Scientific Name
Viola x inouei F.Maek. et T.Hashim., nom. nud.
Foreign language name
Stalk Form
Habitat (Unconfirmed)Habitat is assumed to be "bright forest".
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle size. Color and shape is close to Viola ovato-oblonga.
Color Pale purple red petals.
Others There is no hair on the side valve.
Leaf Shape Root leaves are heart or egg-shaped close to Viola obtusa.
Stem leaves are long triangle or triangular lanceolate close to Viola ovato-oblonga.
Color Surface is dark green. On the back, take on a dark brown.
Others The surface is dense short hairs. Back is hairless.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number
Reference Information
Others I think is a natural hybrid between the violet from the atmosphere with essentially similar identification is difficult.

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