Viola odorata : {Japanese Name : Nioi Sumire}
Viola odorata Viola odorata
In early spring, on the sidewalk.
It seems that breeding ability is high.

So popular in Europe!

In the pension,
it was served with tea for breakfast.

In the backyard plastic house,
it was grown a lot like vegetables.
  • Simane / March 6, 1999
  • Kumamoto / March 20, 1999

Viola odorata Viola odorata
Sweet Violet 'Opera' ↑

There are many horticultural varieties.

And also many specialist collectors.
A lot of fruits swelled.

Do the fruits wait for the ants to come,
without bursting?

That's right!
  • Chiba / April 16, 2003 Cultivation
  • Chiba / July 3, 2006 Cultivation

Viola odorata Viola odorata
Chiba / July 14, 2006 Cultivation

Viola odorata
Section Nominium Gingins
Scientific Name Type species Viola odorata L.
Origin odorata : odoratus, odorate
Foreign language name 【English】Sweet Violet、【Chinese】香堇菜
Stalk Form A flower scape is extended from a stalk, and a flower blooms from each scape.
Habitat Bright and moist grassland, forest edge, etc.
Distribution Japan domestic (The escaped strain has become wild.)
Japan overseas Distributed widely from the Europe to North Africa (Mediterranean Sea coast), and west Asia.
Flower Shape Middle size. Inconspicuous hair in the side valve.
Color Usually dark violet. With the garden variety, various colors are seen from purplish red to orange.
Spur Short and thick.
Season Flowering from the cold season.
Stigma Bowed downwards.
Aromatic It has a strong aroma.
Leaf Shape Middle size. Heart form. The tip is sharp lightly.
Color Dark green.
Others A solid stem develops and produces many leaves.
Seed Shape Medium size. Oval.
Color Seeds: shiny brown.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen
Chromosome Number 2n=20
Reference Information
Others It's called 'Sweet violet' commonly. In the world of foodstuffs, it is recognized as a cold tolerant herb.
Viola odorata Viola odorata Viola odorata Issued in People's Democratic Republic of Algeria 1972.
 Issued in Republika Hrvatska (Republic of Croatia) 2004/05/06
 Issued in Republika Slovenija (Republic of Slovenia) 2002/05/22

Viola odorata
Chiba / May 16, 2009 Cultivation
There is much fruit in particular this year.
Ants gather and drag their seeds.
Viola odorata Viola odorata Viola odorata
Chiba / June 3, 2009 Cultivation

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