Viola x 'Tomioka' (Viola Viola mandshurica f. albo-variegata x V. variegata) : {Japanese Name : Tomioka Sumire}

Viola x 'Tomioka'
Kanagawa / March 23, 2008 Cultivation
Mating parents
Viola mandshurica f. albo-variegata
Viola mandshurica f. albo-variegata
Hort. ex F.Maek. ( 2n=48 )
Viola variegata(white flower)
Viola variegata Fischer ex Link
[white flower] ( 2n=26 )
Viola x 'Tomioka'
Viola Viola mandshurica f. albo-variegata x V. variegata
Viola x kisoana Nakai f. suzukii Hort. ex F.Maek. et Hashimoto
Flower Shape Middle size. It has the in-between feature.
Color Although a color has much deep purplish red, it is changeful like V. mandshurica.
Leaf Shape Long oval-shaped skin needle form. It has the feature of V. mandshurica.
Color There are ivory and rose pink spots and the white line along the leaf vein in dark green surface.
Reference Information
Others It is strong and easy to grow. Sterility.
The scientific name is associated with Mr. Suzuki who is a person of mating.

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