Viola x greatrexii : {Japanese Name : Unzen Sumire}
Viola x greatrexii
Viola x greatrexii Viola x greatrexii
Tokyo / April 7, 2012 Cultivation
Mating parents
Viola phalacrocarpa
Viola phalacrocarpa Maxim. ( 2n=24 )
Viola violacea f. versicolor
Viola violacea Makino
( f. versicolor E.Hama )
 ( 2n=24 )
Scientific Name Type species Viola x greatrexii Nakai et F.Maek. Published in: Iconogr. Pl. As. Or. 1(1): 6, t. 3 (1935)
Common names
Stalk Form Hybrids between stemless species.
Habitat (Unconfirmed)Habitat is assumed to be "bright forest".
Distribution Japan domestic
Japan overseas
Flower Shape Middle size. There is hair on the side valve.
Color Pale blue-violet petals.
Spur Inverted triangle.
Aromatic No fragrance.
Others The calyx appendages are all edges.
Leaf Shape Lanceolate or oval-shaped egg-shaped. On the surface of the leaves are short hairs on both sides.
Color Surface is dark green, purple take on the backside.
Characteristics of roots
Endangered Information
Type Specimen Type specimen was collected by Mr. F. C. Greatrex (British consul) in Mt. Unzen, Nagasaki (April 5, 1930).
Reference Information
Others There are few native cases. The ovary has hair. Sterile, but a unconfirmed information said that it is fertile.

Viola x greatrexii Viola x greatrexii
Viola x greatrexii
Tokyo / March 31, 2016 Cultivation

Viola x greatrexii Viola x greatrexii
Chiba / Feb. 17, 2021 Cultivation
Viola x greatrexii
Chiba / March 6, 2021 Cultivation

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